Hi!  I’m Jacqui Biernat, Certified Dream and True Purpose Coach.
My purpose is to help people to learn to love themselves and reclaim their God-given light.
You see, I had to reclaim my own first, so I've been there and am still on my own journey and want to share whatever I can that will help you.
Here are the steps for you to reclaim your light.  We are meant to shine, so that our lives can be a beacon and example to others.  We all have our own strengths.  God made each one of us special.  Find out how to let your strengths be the hope for someone else.
Life is about us and not about us at the same time.  It is about not being unworthy, but being worthy.  It is not about going to the extreme of being a prima donna either, but being in service.  Knowing exactly what your worth is and being in service with it is a big part of being centered and living a life of grace.  Believing is the way back to capturing your center and your balance.  
- You will make better decisions
- You will have better relationships
- You will be feeling great on a daily basis (and if not, you will easily discover why)
- You will feel fulfilled because you’re doing what you know is best – for yourself, your family and those your life touches!
Sign up for a one-month exploration called Believing Bootcamp.

There’s a lot of information and it’ll be very uplifting.  It will add to your day and inspire you when you listen to it.  When you sign up, you’ll be able to access it over and over again.  You will also be able to interface with others (go to Believing Bootcamp facebook Page) who are all endeavoring to learn and grow also.  If you like being part of a positive learning community, you’ll like this.  I will be interfacing with everyone who makes comments on the facebook Page.
This is what others have said of Believing Bootcamp:
D.G. -   "I felt valued and listened to.  The most valuable part of the coaching was thinking about ME!  Just ME!  And something that really resonated was to remember to BELIEVE IN MIRACLES.  I couldn't believe all we covered in such a short time."
C.P. - Thanks Jacqui...I'm really starting to feel like my old self again...I've taken the focus off the "numbers" and placed it in the moment.  It's amazing what a slight shift in thinking can do.
K.T. – This was a great refresher.  I’m glad that I will have access to it going forward.